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How's My Driving?

This journal features Takegami Teijirou from the Japanese tv show Mr. Brain as played by Gackt. I do not pretend to know a fourth of the man behind the character nor do I pretend to own anything regarding the character besides my own feeble skills.

Icons come from various sources - gothrockrulz, csg_dear4life and ragingxblood on Live Journal and a few icons edited from screencaps by myself.

Feed back? Suggestions? Cookies? All are welcome! ↵
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Hello, you have reached Takegami. I cannot come to the phone right now so please leave your name, number and a short message. I will call you back when I am able.

тaĸegaмι is currently out of range.


Dec. 8th, 2013 01:43 am
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x TAKEGAMI's alignment is: Neutral Evil

x TAKEGAMI inspired YouTube playlist: HERE

x permissions for TAKEGAMI:

x Name: Teijirou Takegami (first name, last name)
x Age: around 37
x Nationality: Japanese
x Canon: Mr. Brain wiki link is very small.
x Time Line: He is coming in before he bit off his fingers so post pre-trial
x Languages: His native language is Japanese and he can speak conversational Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and English. He can read and write Japanese and English.
x Weapons: Takegami is pretty good at dirty fighting and using anything available to get his point across. In canon, he slammed a pen through a man's hand and then ripped his throat out with his teeth. But once he came to EXSILIUM he received a set of monofiliment rings - one ring acts as the hook so he doesn't rip his own fingers off, the other ring holding the wire when retracted. Basically it is a kind of garrote wire. THINK WALTER FROM THE HELLSING MANGA. These rings evolved into wire weapons that shape and twist themselves around his hands going from simple garrote style to a complex weave of sharp-edged wires that gives his blows more damage. This does cause him some damage as well, but he doesn't mind at all.
x Marital Status: SINGLE
x Stuff people can notice without special abilities: He's got that kind of charisma that just makes him a bit likeable even when he shouldn't be that charming. He's very good at using his body and face as much as a weapon as a physical one. He's extremely fit and fast for someone that looks like a pampered pretty face. He has a nice voice, can drink a lot of alcohol, and pretty good at gambling too.

x Read his mind?: Sure, but they won't like it. Takegami's mind is not normal at the best of times. And when I say that, I mean that he does not have the 'switch' that keeps normal people acting normal. He is a self-aware killer with control issues and numerous other things that aren't very nice.

x Kissing/Hugging?: Just be careful that he notices the character coming close for the hug or that he knows the character. He tends to bite first.

x Punching/Shooting/Fighting?: Sure! He's vicious in striking back and has no qualms about killing for what he may consider a slight.

x Injury/Killing?: Takegami really is not scared of any of these things. Heck, he bites his own fingers off to just prove a point, so as long as you contact me first about getting serious with this it should be okay.

x 4th Walling?: I am always good with 4th walling when it comes to my not!Gackts. The singer/actor/writer/whatever-else-he-is-doing-now is so much in the media that it would be hard for people to not know him somehow. Even if it's one of those pauses, or awkward questions I don't mind at all.

x permissions for your character:

TAKEGAMI is a serial killer with a taste for human flesh. In order to become what he is, he did a lot of work and learned a lot of criminal skills, from lock picking to the proper way to dispose of bodies, and everything in between. He is highly intelligent and willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. In that way, he will assess a character and then figure out an angle to get at them.

He also has a knack for picking up tiny clues in a person's voice, body language and general mannerisms. In his canon, it took him less than a minute to figure out that three police officers were guilty of murder. He basically told them that they 'smelt of blood' and that 'a human that has killed smells differently'. Whether or not he was saying it to spook them is another question, but since he picked it up without them even saying much to him, he is darn good at reading them.
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Takegami Teijirou is a serial killer who likes to eat people, especially young, beautiful, and innocent people. His age and date of birth are unknown - it is possible that his name is nothing more than an alias. He had no known job when the police brought him in, yet his surroundings in the show are of the utmost luxury, and he is not skimpy when it comes to how rich his clothing is, nor does his appearance fits in with anyone who is a common drifter. He has expensive clothing, his living arrangements are rich and elegant and even his appearance shows signs of having specific care taken with his appearance, all the way down to colored contacts and very white teeth.

There were three murders of extreme violence with the limbs of the victims being craved off the bodies and then disappeared. According to a lot of the information gathered by the ISP three years after the cases were closed, there was little to no physical evidence pointing directly at Takegami. That the police brought him was probably due to circumstantial evidence that lead to them search his place and finding the limbs to several people inside his fridge. That can only be the reason as to why they tracked him down since there was nothing else linking him to the bodies until that point. That is until the limbs of the fourth victim showed up with fingerprints to match the ones of his in the database. By this time, everyone had been sure that he did kill this Goto Hideki, even though the modus operandi so far has him taking away the limbs and leaving the main part of the body behind.

I think that he had been evaluated by doctors after finding the body parts and before the actual trial began. If that was the case, he was already putting into motion the plans to take credit for killing Goto as well as admitting to the deaths of the first three victims. In all the interviews pre-fMRI scanning, Takegami starts them with being both frustrated and annoyed at being in the room with another person. When the questions start, he gets agitated, although with the doctor it takes him only a few simple statements about cows before he slams a pen through the man's hand and then proceeds to rips his throat out with his teeth. When the police questions him, he grabs the one detective's arm and yanks him across the table before laughing and admitting that he could smell their guilt for the death of someone. It's after that meeting when he agrees to take on the guilt for their murder victim, even though it had been an accidental death - the man tripped over some bikes and fell on a spike when the police pushed him.

He pretty much manipulated the police in covering up their crime as he took the blame. He also used the knowledge of Goto's fiancee to engineer his 'rebirth'. Basically he managed to contact her and give her the information she needed to pursue revenge on the three officers that had killed Goto. Strange thing about this is that it shows that he had planned it out long before the trial. Everything - even down to having the fingerprints switched in the database by the police - all stemmed from him.

He also doesn't show any remorse for his incarceration. Instead it is almost like he expected to get caught and he was playing this game with the police. The only frustrating moment for him seemed to be when people asked him why he turned to cannibalism. In fact, he did eat the first doctor to ask him that question - well at least tore his throat out with his teeth. Again it looked almost like he decided to start acting crazier after he had been put on trial. By the time he took the fMRI scans, he was fully in his role as being crazy even though the brain scans are what tipped Tsukumo to the actual plot.

Takegami also was not afraid of death. Again he seems to accept that he will be reborn and that he will be brought back to life. Part of it was probably a tactic to keep people off of him, but he must have believed it enough to keep his brain from reacting in a manner that will tell anyone studying the scans that he was lying. Again he is good at lying although Tsukumo was able to tell that his first three kills were truly by his hand while Goto's death was not. He knew the facts but there was no response in his brain functions.


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